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Greenland Mass Trend

A regional mass trend estimate parameterized by radial basis functions has been computed from GRACE level 1B observations for the Greenland area. The processing strategy follows the short arc approach, also applied in the computation of the ITG-Grace2010 time series.


  • Time span: 2003-2011

  • The solution is regularized with the optimal regularization parameter determined by variance component estimation

  • The following background models were used during the data processing: 

 Earth rotation  IERS 2003
 Moon, sun and planets ephem.:  JPL DE405
 Earth tide:  IERS 2003
 Ocean tide:  EOT11a
 Pole tide  IERS 2003
 Atmosphere and Ocean  Dealiasing:  AOD1B RL05
 Permanent tidal deformation:  included (zero tide)
 Temporal variations:  annual and semi-annual signal from ITG-Grace2010


The results for the linear trend can be downloaded as gridded values of equivalent water heights [m/year] here.


If you have further questions, please contact  Annette Eicker.