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M.Sc. Theses


Li, Mingyao, 2022
AVGR: a python-based framework for estimating linear rate uncertainty in geodetic time series using Allan Variance.
Liu, Ziyu, 2022
Investigating Regional Sea Level Change over the East China Sea.


Aschenneller, Susann, 2021
Linking Top-Of-Atmosphere Radiation Imbalance with Observed Variations in Ocean Heat Content.
Berger, Nikola Christiane, 2021
How Large is the Added Value of Swarm and SLR Time-Variable Gravity if Assimilated into a Global Hydrological Model.
Börger, Lara, 2021
Application of realistic ray-tracing algorithms in non-gravitational force modelling.
Bolmer, Eike, 2021
Reconciling GRACE/GRACE-FO data and background models with observations from superconducting gravimeters.
Gärtner, Matthias, 2021
Deep learning for recovering high-resolution terrestrial water storage anomalies.

Mielke, Christian Alexander, 2021
The Quantification of Drought and Water Loss using GNSS in South Africa.

Don, Waruna Sanjaya Kannangara, 2021
How fast are western tropical Pacific Islands uplifting? Geodetic constraints from GPS, satellite altimetry and tide gauge.

Packbier, Carolin, 2021
Reconstructing the Global Density of the Thermosphere from Satellite Observations Using Deep Learning.


Hacker, Charlotte, 2020
Deriving a DDK-Filter in the context of GRACE-FO.
Kudabayeva, Anara, 2020
The sea-level annual cycle from coastal-dedicated altimetry and tide gauge data.
Taa Tabiri, Daniel, 2020
A toolbox for validating GRACE- and hydrological model-based outputs against in-situ data.


Knauf, Cordula, 2019
Spindynamik ausgedienter Satelliten.
Over, Laura, 2019
Development of a toolbox for validating hydrological model output over Europe.
Schröder, Stefan, 2019
Observability of land glacier mass change with satellite geodetic techniques.
Schunck, David, 2019
The role of inter-satellite links and optical clocks in spaceborne gravity recovery.
Yakhontova, Alisa, 2019
Deriving the highest possible spatio-temporal resolution of the data-driven Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in the Amundsen Sea Embayment.


Anger, René, 2018
Assessing the potential of the Scintrex CG-5 gravimeter for monitoring in an open-pit mining environment.
Kockmeyer, Anne, 2018
Assessing regional and global hydrological models over West Africa using satellite and in-situ measurements.
Offergeld, Lisa, 2018
Estimating ice-mass change signals over Northeast Greenland Ice Sheet.


Bomba, geb. Brockmeyer, Carina, 2017
Assessing hydrological extremes in total water storage and soil moisture data sets.
Gerdener, Helena, 2017
Influence of ENSO and Atlantic modes on climate variables over West Africa.
Schulze, Kerstin, 2017
Methods for the temporal disaggregation of update increments for assimilation of GRACE data into hydrological models.
Vielberg, Kristin, 2017
GRACE Accelerometer Data Calibration and its Impact on Thermospheric Neutral Density Estimation.


Schaaf, Heike Wiebke, 2016
Untersuchung zur Definition und Realisierung der verschiedenen Höhenreferenzflächen sowie deren Konsistenz in Norddeutschland.


Henze, Anna Maria Christina, 2015
On Orbit and Atmospheric Density Estimation for a GRACE-like Satellite Constellation.
Lück, Christina, 2015
Detection of Contemporary Sea Level Changes in kinematic Orbits of SWARM.
Winandi, Christoph, 2015
Relativistische Effekte bei der Bahnbestimmung von Mondorbitern.


Börgens, Eva Susanne Ilona, 2014
Investigating the effects of GRACE filter methods on mass signals from reservoirs, lakes and rivers.
Wachsmuth, Leander, 2014
Reconstructing historic sea levels from tide gauges using EOF techniques.


Springer, Anne, 2013
Contributions of GRACE and complementary data to assessing the Earth's atmospheric water and energy cycles. Masterarbeit, Universität Bonn.
Uebbing, Bernd, 2013
Development of a toolbox for retracking satellite altimeter measurements. Masterarbeit, Universität Bonn.


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