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High-resolution temporal gravity fields from SLR


IGG-SLR-HYBRID is a series of high-resolution monthly gravity fields from satellite laser ranging (SLR) to five satellites (Lageos 1 and 2, Stella, Starlette, Ajisai). It applies a novel approach in which the temporal changes of the gravity field are represented by the leading empirical orthogonal functions (EOFs) from the GRACE time series. The EOFs are used here directly as base functions in the gravity field modelling whose associated scaling factors are adjusted within the dynamic orbit determination; only for the lowest degrees, the spherical harmonic coefficients are estimated separately. As a result of this hybrid parametrization, the estimated gravity fields have the same spatial resolution as GRACE.

The time series covers the full period from November 1992 through June 2020. It is provided in several versions differing in the degree up to which individual spherical harmonics are assessed. See the Readme file for further details.





Löcher, A., Kusche, J. (2020) A hybrid approach for recovering high-resolution temporal gravity fields from satellite laser ranging. Journal of Geodesy.


If you have any questions regarding these data please contact Anno Löcher


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