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  • Arutyunova, A., Driemel, A., Haunert, J.-H., Haverkort, H., Kusche, J., Langetepe, E., Mayer, Ph., Mutzel, P., Röglin, H. (2022). Minimum-Error Triangulations for Sea Surface Reconstruction. In 8th International Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG 2022), Vol. 224, pp. 7:1--7:18, Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, Dagstuhl, Germany, doi:10.4230/LIPIcs.SoCG.2022.7.

  • Bruni S., Fenoglio, L., Raicich, F., Zerbini, S. (2022). On the consistency of coastal sea level measurements in the Mediterranean Sea from tide gauge and satellite altimetry. J. of Geodesy,

  • Buchhaupt, C., Egido, A., Smith, W., Fenoglio, L. (2022). Conditional Sea Surface Statistics and Their Impact on Geophysical Sea Surface Parameters Retrieved From SAR Altimetry Signals, Adv. Space Research,

  • Corbin, A., Kusche, J. (2022). Improving the estimation of thermospheric neutral density via two-step assimilation of in situ neutral density into a numerical model. Earth Planets Space 74, 183.

  • Dibi-Anoh, P.A., Koné, M., Gerdener, H., Kusche, J., N’Da, Ch. K. (2022). Hydrometeorological Extreme Events in West Africa: Droughts. Surv Geophys (2022).

  • Elsaka, B., Abdelmohsen, K., Alshehri, F., Zaki, A., El-Ashquer, M. (2022). Mass Variations in Terrestrial Water Storage over the Nile River Basin and Mega Aquifer System as Deduced from GRACE-FO Level-2 Products and Precipitation Patterns from GPCP Data. Water, 14(23), 3920.

  • Elsaka, B., Francis, O., Kusche, J. (2022). Calibration of the Latest Generation Superconducting Gravimeter iGrav-043 Using the Observatory Superconducting Gravimeter OSG-CT040 and the Comparisons of Their Characteristics at the Walferdange Underground Laboratory for Geodynamics, Luxembourg.  Pure Appl. Geophys.

  • Elsaka, B., El-Ashquer, M. (2022). Determination of Local Quasi-Geoid Models using FFT Estimation Technique based on Combined Gravity Anomalies from CHAMP, GRACE, GOCE, Future Satellite Missions and in-Situ Gravity observations in Western Desert of Egypt, IOSR Journal of Applied Geology and Geophysics (IOSR-JAGG), 10(1), pp. 15-24. DOI:10.9790/0990-1001031524.

  • Elsaka, B. (2022). Combined observables in different inter-satellite line-of-sight directions from simulated satellite gravity mission architectures for retrieving total water storage – regional case study: the Nile River Basin. Survey Review, 54:385, 339-348

  • Elsaka, B., El-Ashquer, M. (2022) Comparison between Gaussian and decorrelation filters of GRACE-based RL05 temporal gravity solutions over Egypt. Survey Review, 54:384, 233–242, doi.10.1080/00396265.2021.1919841.

  • Forootan, E., Kosary, M., Farzaneh, S., Kodikara, T., Vielberg, K., Fernandez-Gomez, I., Borries C., Schumacher, M. (2022). Forecasting global and multi-level thermospheric neutral density and ionospheric electron content by tuning models against satellite-based accelerometer measurements. Sci Rep 12, 2095 (2022).

  • Gerdener, H., Kusche, J., Schulze, K., Ghazaryan, G., Dubovyk, O. (2022). Revising precipitation – water storages – vegetation signatures with GRACE-based data assimilation. Journal of Hydrology, Volume 612, Part A, September 2022, 128096,

  • Karegar, M.A., Kusche, J., Nievinski, F.G., Larson, K.M. (2022). Raspberry Pi Reflector (RPR): a Low-cost Water-level Monitoring System based on GNSS Interferometric Reflectometry, Water Resources Research, 58, e2021WR031713,

  • Saadon, A, El-Ashquer, M., Elsaka, B., El-Fiky, G (2022). Determination of local gravimetric geoid model over Egypt using LSC and FFT estimation techniques based on different satellite- and ground-based datasets. Survey Review, 54:384, 263–273,

  • Sefton, J., Kemp, A.C., Engelhart, S., Ellison, J.C., Karegar, M.A., Charley, B., McCoy, M.D. (2022). Implications of Anomalous Relative Sea-level Rise for the peopling of Remote Oceania, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, 119 (52), e2210863119,

  • Schindelegger, M., Kotzian, D.P., Ray, R.D., Mattias Green, J.A., Stolzenberger, S. (2022). Interannual Changes in Tidal Conversion Modulate M2 Amplitudes in the Gulf of Maine. Geophysical Research Letters,49, Issue 24, e2022GL101671.

  • Stolzenberger, S., Rietbroek, R., Wekerle, C., Uebbing, B., Kusche, J. (2022). Simulated Signatures of Greenland Melting in the North Atlantic: A Model Comparison With Argo Floats, Satellite Observations, and Ocean Reanalysis. JGR Oceans, 127(11), e2022JC018528.

  • Vereecken, H., Amelung, W., Bauke, S., Bogena, H., Brüggemann, N., Montzka, C., Vanderborght, J., Bechtold, M., Blöschl, G., Carminati, A., Javaux, M., Konings, A.G., Kusche, J., Neuweiler, I., Or, D., Steele-Dunne, S., Verhoef, A., Young, M., Zhang Y. (2022). Soil hydrology in the Earth system. Nat Rev Earth Environ 3, 573–587 (2022).

  • Willen, M.O., Horwath, M., Groh, A., Helm, V., Uebbing, B., Kusche, J.  (2022). Feasibility of a global inversion for spatially resolved glacial isostatic adjustment and ice sheet mass changes proven in simulation experiments. Journal of Geodesy, 96, 75 (2022).

  • Yang, F., Luo, Z., Zhou, H., Kusche, J. (2022). On study of the Earth topography correction for the GRACE surface mass estimation. J. Geod. 96, 95.



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