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In this project the study is extended to various regions around the world.


01.04.2016 - 31.12.2017

Funding Agency



Dr.-Eng. Luciana Fenoglio-Marc

Prof. Dr.-Eng. Jürgen Kusche


This project is part of the ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Project, which provides a multi-mission altimeter sea level database homogeneously processed for use in sea level studies.

The sea level CCI (SLCCI) database consists of the along-track Sea Level Fundamental Climate Data Record (FCDR) and of the gridded Sea Level Essential Climate Variable (ECV). The first provides Sea Surface Heights (SSH) along-track, the second provides parameters describing the spatial and temporal change of sea level, as monthly anomalies (MSLA), trends (MSLTR), amplitudes and phases (MSLAMPH) of sea level and a globally averaged sea level trend.

Aim of the this project is to use ocean model outputs to assess regionally in the Mediterranean Sea the quality of CCI gridded ECV and of their derived quantities. Two ocean simulations and one ocean reanalysis are considered. The first, being not directly constrained by observations, can be affected by biases arising from errors in model formulation, specification of initial states and forcing. The second, that includes ocean model, atmospheric forcing fluxes and ocean observations via data assimilation methods, has the potential to provide more accurate information than observation-only or model-only based ocean estimations.

A parallel study in CCI assesses the altimeter sea level data against the sum of steric and mass sea level components derived from temperature and salinity and from the GRACE satellite gravity measurements. The present project accounts for these results and finally evaluates the ocean model output parameters against both sea level CCI data in 1993-2014 and the GRACE-derived ocean mass in 2002-2014.


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