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Dr.-Ing. Anno Löcher


Dr.-Ing. Anno Löcher

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Scientific Staff Member

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loecher [at] geod [dot] uni-bonn [dot] de

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+49 228 73-6496

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+49 228 73-3029

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Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation

Nussallee 15

D-53115 Bonn

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  • Zeitler, L., Corbin, A., Vielberg, K., Rudenko, S., Löcher, A., Blossfeld, M., Schmidt, M., Kusche, J. (2021). Scale Factors of the Thermospheric Density: A Comparison of Satellite Laser Ranging and Accelerometer Solutions. Journal of Geophysical research-Space Physics, 126(12),Number: e2021JA029708,

  • Löcher, A., Kusche, J. (2021) A hybrid approach for recovering high-resolution temporal gravity fields from satellite laser ranging. Journal of Geodesy 95(6),

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  • Forootan, E., Didova, O., Kusche, J., Löcher, A. (2013) Comparisons of Atmospheric Data and Reduction Methods for the Analysis of Satellite Gravimetry Observations. Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth, 118(5), pp. 2382–2396, doi:10.1002/jgrb.50160.
  • Löcher, A. (2010) Möglichkeiten der Nutzung kinematischer Satellitenbahnen zur Bestimmung des Gravitationsfeldes der Erde. Dissertation, Universität Bonn.

  • Ilk, K.-H., Löcher, A., Mayer-Gürr, T. (2008) Do we need new gravity field recovery techniques for the new gravity field satellites? In: Xu, Peiliang, Liu, Jingnan, Dermanis, Athanasios (Hg.): VI Hotine-Marussi Symposium on Theoretical and Computational Geodesy. pp. 3–9,

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  • Mayer-Gürr, T., Ilk, K.-H., Löcher, A., Feuchtinger, M. (2003) Gravity Field Recovery and Validation by Analysis of Short Arcs of CHAMP. In: Meurers, B., Pail, Roland (Hg.): Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on International Gravity Field Research, Graz, Wien 2003, pp. 1–6.


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