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Dr.-Ing. Christina Strohmenger


Dr.-Ing. Christina Strohmenger (née Lück)

  • Function:

Scientific Staff Member

  • Email:

strohmenger [at] geod [dot] uni-bonn [dot] de

  • Phone:

+49 228 73-9360

  • Fax:

+49 228 73-3029

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  • Address:

Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation

Nussallee 17

D-53115 Bonn

Professional profile

  • Since 2015 Research assistant at the Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation, University of Bonn.

  • 2015 Master thesis at the Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation, University of Bonn.

  • 2013 Bachelor thesis at the Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation, University of Bonn.


  • Sea level change.

  • Gravity field retrieval.

  • GRACE(-FO) processing.



  • 2022: Argelander Grant “Starter Kit Postdoc” of the „Argelander Program for Early-Career Researchers – Reaching for the Stars“ of the University of Bonn.

  • 2019: Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Award  at the EGU General Assembly 2019 for the contribution "Using Swarm to derive global sea level budgets".

  • 2016: Turbo-Preis des DVW NRW e.V.

Functions (Selection)


  • Astronomical-physical and mathematical geodesy I (B.Sc.).

  • Supervising Bachelor's and Master's thesis.


  • Lück, C. (2022) Large-scale mass redistribution in the Earth system from synergistic use of Swarm data. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Bonn,

  • Richter, H.M.P., Lück, C., Klos, A., Sideris, M.G., Rangelova, E., Kusche, J. (2021) Reconstructing GRACE-type time-variable gravity from the Swarm satellites. Sci. Rep. (11), pp. 1117,

  • Li, F., Kusche, J., Rietbroek, R., Wang, Z., Forootan, E., Schulze, K., and Lück, C. (2020). Comparison of Data‐driven Techniques to Reconstruct (1992‐2002) and Predict (2017‐2018) GRACE‐like Gridded Total Water Storage Changes using Climate Inputs. Water Resources Research, 56 (5), e2019WR026551,

  • Forootan, E., Farzaneh, S., Lück, C., Vielberg, K. (2019) Estimating and predicting corrections for empirical thermospheric models. Geophysical Journal International, Volume 218, Issue 1, July 2019, Pages 479–493,

  • Lück, C., Kusche, J., Rietbroek, R., Löcher, A. (2018) Time-variable gravity fields and ocean mass change from 37 months of kinematic Swarm orbits, Solid Earth, 9, 323-339.,

  • Vielberg, K., Forootan, E., Lück, C., Löcher, A., Kusche, J., and Börger, K. (2018): Comparison of accelerometer data calibration methods used in thermospheric neutral density estimation, Ann. Geophys., 36, pp. 761-779,
  • Lück, C. (2015) Detection of Contemporary Sea Level Changes in kinematic Orbits of SWARM. Masterarbeit, Universität Bonn.

  • Lück, C. (2013) Untersuchungen zur Variabilität geodätisch messbarer Beobachtungsgrößen in CMIP5-Klimasimulationen. Bachelorarbeit, Universität Bonn.

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