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Dr.-Ing. Bernd Uebbing


Dr.-Ing. Bernd Uebbing

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Scientific Staff Member

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uebbing [at] geod [dot] uni-bonn [dot] de

  • Phone:

+49 228 73-9360

  • Fax:

+49 228 73-3029

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  • Address:

Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation

Nussallee 17

D-53115 Bonn

Professional profile


  • Altimetry and retracking

  • Sea level rises



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  • Stolzenberger, S., Rietbroek, R., Wekerle, C., Uebbing, B., Kusche, J. (2022). Simulated Signatures of Greenland Melting in the North Atlantic: A Model Comparison With Argo Floats, Satellite Observations, and Ocean Reanalysis. JGR Oceans, 127(11), e2022JC018528.

  • Willen, M.O., Horwath, M., Groh, A., Helm, V., Uebbing, B., Kusche, J.  (2022). Feasibility of a global inversion for spatially resolved glacial isostatic adjustment and ice sheet mass changes proven in simulation experiments. Journal of Geodesy, 96, 75 (2022).

  • Fenoglio, L., Dinardo, S., Uebbing, B., Buchhaupt, C., Gärtner, M., Staneva, J., Becker, M., Klos, A., Kusche, J. (2021).  Advances in NE-Atlantic coastal Sea Level Change Monitoring from Delay Doppler Altimetry, Adv. Space Res.,68(2), pp. 571592,

  • Uebbing, B., Kusche, J., Rietbroek, R. and Landerer, F. W. (2019). Processing choices affect ocean mass estimates from GRACE. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 124, no. 2: 1029–44,

  • Schroeder, S., Springer, A., Kusche, A., Uebbing, B., Fenoglio, L., Diekkrueger, B., Pomeon, T. (2019). Niger discharge from radar altimetry: bridging gaps between gauge and altimetry time series Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 23, 4113–4128, 2019

  • Fenoglio, L., Dinardo, S., Buchhaupt, C., Uebbing, B., Scharroo, R., Kusche, J., Becker, M., Benveniste, J. (2019). Calibrating CryoSat-2 and Sentinel-3A sea surface heights along the German coast, In: International Association of Geodesy Symposia. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg,

  • Kusche, J., Uebbing, B., Rietbroek, R., Fenoglio-Marc, L., Bernzen, A. , Braun, B. (2018). Bangladesch – integriertes Monitoring in einer klimasensitiven Region. zfv – Zeitschrift für Geodäsie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement 143 (1), 4-14. Doi.10.12902/zfv-0193-2017.

  • Roscher, R., Uebbing, B., Kusche, J. (2017). STAR: Spatio-temporal altimeter waveform retracking using sparse representation and conditional random fields. Remote Sensing of Environment, 201, pp.148–164,

  • Uebbing, B., Forootan, E., Braakmann-Folgmann, A., Kusche, J. (2017). Inverting surface soil moisture information from satellite altimetry over arid and semi-arid regions. Remote Sensing of Environment, 196, pp. 205–223,

  • Kusche, J., Uebbing, B., Rietbroek, R., Shum, C. K., Khan, Z. (2016). Sea level budget in the Bay of Bengal (2002–2014) from GRACE and altimetry. Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans, 121(2), pp. 1194–1217, doi:10.1002/2015JC011471.

  • Uebbing, B., Kusche, J., Forootan, E. (2015). Waveform retracking for improving level estimations from Topex/Poseidon, Jason-1 and -2 altimetry observations over African lakes. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 53(4), pp. 2211–2224, doi:10.1109/TGRS.2014.2357893.

  • Uebbing, B. (2013). Development of a toolbox for retracking satellite altimeter measurements. Masterarbeit, Universität Bonn.

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