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ESA – CCN1-WP1 Inclusion of effects of Vertical Motion of Wave Particles (VMWP) in SAR altimeter
Processing (CCN1 to


01.10.2020 - 31.08.2022




PD Dr.-Ing.-habil. Luciana Fenoglio-Marc


This activity develops, implements and validates a new release of the TUDaBo SAR altimeter processor already installed on the ESA G-POD facility ( to include the effect of the Vertical Motion of Wave Particles.

Task 1
Analysis of TuDaBo G-POD processing output, without inclusion of Vertical Motion of Wave Particles

Sets the baseline of performance against which the newly developed processors will be compared. Deliverable are Test Data Sets: (RDSAR, SAR and LRMC-SAR with different processing options and Product Validation Report of data produced by using the different processing options on TuDaBo.

Task 2
Development and Implementation of a Processor including VMWP for Unfocussed SAR and Low Resolution Mode with Range Migration Correction (LRMC)-Focused SAR

The SAR model SINC used previously by including the vertical wave particle velocity and acceleration. The model is applied to unfocused SAR and LRMC-F processing.

Task 3
Processing and Validation of both unfocused SAR and LRMC-F SAR including VMWP products

The processor developed in Task 2 is implemented in selected regions of interest characterized by different wave heights and wave periods. The results are validated in against test data sets generated in Task 1, ECMWF wave parameters and in-situ data.