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Analyse des Meeresspiegelanstiegs im Golf von Bengalen.


01.04.2014 - 31.03.2017




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Kusche

M. Sc. Bernd Uebbing 


"Bangladesh Delta: Assessment of the Causes of Sea-level Rise Hazards and Integrated Development of Predictive Modeling Towards Mitigation and Adaptation (BanD-AID)" is part of the 2012 Belmont-Call regarding Coastal Vulnerability. In the project, we investigate the local sea level rise in the Bay of Bengal relative to the coast of Bangladesh and the social consequences of increased threats from inundation and storm surges. The project is performed by a joint international team, comprised of natural and social scientists, as well as local Bangladesh authorities. In Bonn, we will focus on separating, quantifying and identifying physical causes (including thermo-/halosteric expansion of sea water, melting from glaciers and ice caps, land water storage change and change in runoff regimes, land subsidence and sediment loads) of sea level contributions in the greater Bay of Bengal. The project intends to build a robust “Belmont Challenge” identified Earth System Analysis & Prediction System based on contemporary satellite geodetic sensors and socio-economic surveys for coastal Bangladesh, to quantify sea-level rise and its geophysical and socio-economic contributers, leading to its future projection at multi-century timescales.