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Sea level reconstructions from altimetry and tide gauges with improved methods.


01.10.2015 - 31.03.2017




Dr. Sandra-Esther Brunnabend

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Kusche


Within this project, global mean sea level (GMSL) and regional mean sea level (RMSL) are reconstructed back to 1950 using altimetry sea level products since the year 1992 and tide gauge records. The project aims to add methodological components to the reconstruction process, e.g. advanced techniques replace EOFs, in particular the independent component analysis (ICA). The resulting statistically independent modes are used to better characterize independent physical processes in ocean dynamics. This will be studied through comparison of the sea level reconstruction with ocean modelling and sea level forward modeling. The methods shall be applied globally. However, for validation, sea level reconstructions in the North Atlantic, especially near the European coast, near island nations in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, in the Arctic Ocean, and in South-East Asia shall be analysed.