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IAG Working Group (Land hydrology from gravimetry)

IAG Working Group "Land hydrology from gravimetry"                                                    iag_logo

Working group of Subcommission 2.6 "Gravity Field and Earth System"

Chair: Annette Eicker  (Bonn University, Germany)

 Terms of Reference

The working group will be dedicated to the development of new strategies and algorithms for using time-variable gravity data from GRACE and data from complimentary sensors in the understanding of the terrestrial water cycle. This includes the development of tools and products to encourage adoption of geodetic data by the hydrological community, application and validation of GRACE to investigate water storage changes and the improvement of model reliability and predictability (calibration, assimilation).


to tailor GRACE products towards the specific requirements of hydrological applications (regional solutions, spatial/temporal constraints,...)

to review existing approaches and develop new strategies for GRACE post-processing (filtering issues, bias correction associated with the leakage problem)

to discuss the separation of the GRACE mass signal into different storage compartments

to compare the satellite data with model output and complementary data sets (super-conducting gravimeters, ground water observation,…)

to review and develop strategies to compare and combine heterogeneous data sets given on different temporal and spatial scales

to compare and develop approaches to use GRACE and alternative sensor data to calibrate hydrological modeling and to assimilate the observations into the models

to develop strategies for innovative use of GRACE products for hydrometeorology


Jean-Paul Boy (University of Strasbourg)

Petra Döll (University of Frankfurt)

Andreas Güntner (GFZ Potsdam)

Laurent Longuevergne (University of Rennes)

Himanshu Save (University of Texas)

Bridget Scanlon (University of Texas)

Ben Zaitchik (Johns Hopkins University Baltimore)


Mid term report 2011-2013